The Rudolph Fire Department First Responders and EMTs are emergency medical responders that respond directly from home to all types of emergency scenes.  On emergency medical calls the First Responders typically will arrive in advance of the ambulance and begin scene stabilization and patient care.  Once the ambulance arrives patient care will be transferred to the ambulance crew with First Responders assisting.

  United Ambulance responds to medical calls in Wood County and Stevens Point Fire Department/Portage County Ambulance responds to medical calls in Portage County.  Our First Responders are trained as a Emergency Medical Responder or EMT-Basic level of training.

If needed, one of the First Responders will "join" the two-person ambulance crew at the scene and remain with the ambulance through the entire treatment and transport process.  This allows for two patient care personnel to be with the patient during the transport to the hospital while the third drives the ambulance. 

First Responders also provide support and patient care to our fire and rescue personnel while on a fire scene.

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